Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Shakespeare in the Woods

American Players Theater, Spring Green

Latest culinary challenge: Strawberry Rhubarb Tart

My "Sweet Tart Dough" chillin' in the fridge

Banana Chocolate Chip Coconut Cookies--a new take on a classic!

Tonight I am going with colleagues to see a Midsummer Night’s Dream at the American Players Theatre in Spring Green. Here’s a synopsis from the APT Web site.

This play so perfectly embodies the quintessential APT experience, a splendid match with our natural setting. Upon a silken summer’s eve, four young lovers escape to the woods and stumble into the middle of a feud between the King and Queen of Fairies. The King calls upon his strange sidekick Puck to unleash the wily, willful ways upon that Fair Fairy Lady and those unsuspecting mortals. Shakespeare’s most popular comedy is a celebration of the wonders of love. And those secret places in the heart where the magic lives.

Beforehand, we’ll be pickening in the woods, enjoying a bountiful potluck with various appetizers, entrees, desserts, and beverages. Which, of course, I’m most excited about. The homemade peach pie that I brought last year was a hit, and I’m now feeling great pressure to impress and top last year’s treat.

After much research and thought, I have decided on a strawberry rhubarb tart, pictured above, which I found at I made the sweet dough the other night, and will be making the tart after work this afternoon. Just in case the tart doesn’t come out, I also whipped up a batch of my new favorite cookies—banana chocolate chip. This time, however, I added 2/3 cup of coconut flakes, which has proven to be a wonderful addition to the standard recipe. Hopefully between my two dessert options, I’ll succeed in wowing my fellow colleagues. Should be a beautiful night for a picnic and Shakespeare in the woods!

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