Thursday, July 17, 2008

Last Night's Concert

Despite warnings on the Doppler 3000 of possible evening showers, last night’s concert on the square, which featured the theme “Songs Without Words,” went off without a hitch. I was joined by friends Abby, Jill, and Kim, and we once again enjoyed a wonderful feast of baked pita chips, sun dried tomato hummus, cilantro green olive salsa, iso peanuts, berry fruit salad, sharp white cheddar, basil and tomatoes with olive oil dressing, watermelon, and my strawberry rhubarb tart topped with chopped pistachios. Yes, I made it again!

Most of all, I love catching up with those girls and enjoying a beautiful summer evening with background symphony music. We found ourselves laughing and joking about so many things—Kim’s impersonations of her future mother-in-law from the Bronx, Abby’s confession that her longtime boyfriend regularly reads “Science News,” and obsesses that future generations will view refined sugars as unhealthy as we now view smoking...which presents great challenges in their relationship since Abby has the self-proclaimed “world’s greatest sweet tooth,” etc., etc.

We’re on again for next Wednesday’s concert, which is the second to the last of the summer’s six concert series :( To spice things up, we decided on an iron-chef sort of challenge for next week’s picnic. We chose basil as our theme ingredient, so we'll each be creating some type of dish that incorporates basil. I'm very know how much I like a good challenge!


kelly said...

They had a rhubarb festival in Silverton. I had a great piece of pie. They were selling a cookbook, I should have picked it up for you.

~Missy said...

That looks like such a great way to spend an evening! drinks, music, food and friends!
(also I loved your new pottery-its beautifuL! What a treat!)