Thursday, September 27, 2007

House On A Hill

My friend Kelsey, who works for an architecture firm in Durango, Colorado, recently forwarded me an article featuring the house pictured above. This home was named "project of the year" by Residential Architect Magazine. And the coolest part is that it's located on Green Lake (aka, my favorite place in the world), and although I've spent enough time there to memorize almost every house on the lake, I don't believe I've ever noticed this one before! Kelsey reminded me that's probably because the house is actually intended to be a "camouflage" house. Ahh...yes. Apparently the design was a success. Kelsey said I should go spy on it the next time I'm up at the lake and I certainly intend to.

Here's an exert from the article:

Every once in a while, an architectural perfect storm occurs. A series of favorable circumstances—a gifted architect, a beautiful site, a thoughtful client—coincide in one project, leading to a sublime synthesis of design, surroundings, and program. That's exactly what happened with this weekend home for a Milwaukee family in Green Lake, Wis.


minion of obscure design- ha! said...

even though i seemingly am a sucker for all well designed modern homes- i took one look at this thing and thought SHANTY! but the thing about architecture that i love, is that the best designs are so site specific. this house is brilliant for its surroundings....and made me remember why the forests of the midwest are so spectacular. the colors and textures, offsets and layers... the house is no shanty- but absolutely brilliant. so, a sucker i am....and i want a full report of spy missions!! :) anyway- wow thats a long comment ... back to work!

kristinleigh said...

wow, that was poignant!