Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Seif and The Fishbowl

Eww...I'm so not going to drink that.

OK, Seif, but just one sip.

A few too many sips later.

Captain Morgan!

Last Saturday night, one of my closest friends from college, Seif (Katie, pictured above, right), came to Madison for the night from Chicago. Wanting to relive our college days, we went to Mondays for a drink, and then to Wando's, where things quickly became ugly. Seif somehow convinced me to drink from the fishbowl (damn you, Seif), which contained a lethal blue concoction that left my head pounding through the next evening. Cheap alcohol is not a good thing, my friends. And neither is drinking alcohol with a straw. Stay clear. You've been warned.

1 comment:

Seif said...

You loved it:) I practically had to beg for it back...