Monday, September 17, 2007

Sorry, Folks. The Free Shows Are Over.

On Friday morning, Karen told everyone that would listen to her that the blind man was coming to our house later that afternoon. He he, she giggled as colleagues questioned her with puzzled looks. Karen loves to call the various tradesmen that come to our house by their trade. For example, there’s painter Dave and builder Dave. And eventually, probably because of Karen’s charm, they all become very fond of their nicknames and begin using these names themselves.

But on Friday it was just the blind man. No accompanying proper name. The blind man came that afternoon and efficiently installed blinds in all three bedrooms, both bathrooms, and two of the downstairs' windows. And I really like them. They’re Top/Up Bottom/Down style, and the two downstairs are cordless. It’s a great, clean look. But best of all, four months after moving in, we now have a little privacy. So for all you peeping Toms (because I know you’re out there), I’m not giving any more free shows. You'll have to find another naked girl in the window to watch.


Anonymous said...

How much for an extended viewing? Football practice is much too boring otherwise.

Anne said...

Thank God.... it's really hard to pee knowing that people could be peering in the windows :)