Monday, September 10, 2007

Pictures from Ironman Wisconsin 2007

106th Ironman Out of the Water, Up the Helix

Big Hill, Bigger Smile, Huge Heart

Kristin's Crew: Beth, Jackie, Anne, and Karen

Mile 2 of 26.2

Tears of Joy at the Finish

Kristin and Karen

Post-Ironman Laughs

Royce and Kristin


kelsey said...

holy moly! i have goosebumps!!
congrats girl!
always a smile! love it!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome job Kristin. I am so impressed with your stamina! The photos were great, made me feel like I was there. Happy to see your proud mom! Barb Beguhn

katy said...

Yay KRIT!!! I wish I had a bag of jujus to give you now :)

Royce said...

Karen was right - your smile never left your face :) You did awesome. I'm really proud, and humbled...