Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Ironman Wisconsin 2007

As many of you know, on Sunday (9/9) I'll be competing in my fourth Ironman Wisconsin Triathlon. The race is comprised of a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike, and a 26.2-mile(marathon-distance) run.

My goal this year is to finish in 11 hours and 30 minutes. But as you know, there are many, many variables that need to fall perfectly into place to even finish. I've learned that I have good races, and I have bad ones, too. And sometimes you just never know what you're going to get. The past two races, however, I've finished in 11:40 something, so I think the goal is somewhat attainable. I'm feeling strong in full taper mode, and am very excited to race! Here's where I should hopefully be throughout the day:

Swim (1 hour, 7-8am)
Transition 1 (10 minutes, 8-8:10am)
Bike (6:15, 8:10am-2:25 pm)
Transition 2 (5 minutes, 2:25-2:30pm)
Run (4 hours, 2:30-6:30 pm)

Since many of you will not be able to join me for the race, if you're interested, you can monitor my live progress online at: My bib number is 95.

If you are planning to spectate, let me know and I can provide you with more information. Karen is also working on "Team Kristin" shirts, so we'll be sure to get you one of those! And finally, I'll leave you with a few fun facts.

Fact #1: The race begins with a shot from a canon.
Fact #2: I often pee in my wetsuit before the swim. And so does everyone else, but they won't tell you.
Fact #3: I'll need to consume a total of 3450 (300 cals per hour) during the race. That's 1875 calories on the bike through a combination of sports drink, bars, and gels. Yummy.

Thanks for your continual support!

Much love,



Anonymous said...

Wow! That all amazes me. I hope this is one of your "good" races. Barb Beguhn

kristinleigh said...

Thanks, Barb!!!! :)