Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Madisonian Attempts to Ride Around the World

Over the weekend, 28-year-old Madisonian Charles Isley Brigham IV peddled off on an adventure of a lifetime and a quest to fulfill his dream of biking around the world.

Charles Brigham, who has been employed at Budget Bicycle Center for the past three and-a-half years, is currently three days into his adventure, heading southeast and hoping to eventually hit northern Africa, Spain, the Netherlands, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Tibet, India, Laos, Vietnam, Australia, South America, and Central America. Brigham anticipates the 25,000-mile journey taking approximately two years to complete.

While Brigham hasn’t done much formal training to prepare, he did become very accustomed to riding his bike all around Madison on a daily basis (Brigham claims he rejected “car culture” over two years ago). During his journey, he'll take it slow and steady riding with a pack of supplies that will weigh up to 80-pounds, camp each night, and prepare meals over a fire. As for the ocean crossings, his plan is to hitch a ride on a freighter or cruise ship. And for cash, he hopes for a mix of working, bartering, and simply figuring it out along the way. Luckily, Brigham will also be armed with a passport, great bike mechanic skills, spare bike parts, lots of shots under his belt, and the ability to speak Spanish, French and Japanese, all of which should certainly help his cause.

Best of luck, Charles! You can follow his adventure online at www.crazyguyonabike.com/doc/worldtour07, where he will periodically post updates on his travels. And thanks to the Wisconsin State Journal for carrying this incredible story!

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