Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I just wanted to share this very sweet e-mail that I received from my dad this morning (dad, I hope you don't mind my sharing). The e-mail subject was "Blogtastic." Many people don't know my dad like me, my brother, and my mom do. He is an amazing person and father, and I look up to him in so many ways. And he's my number one supporter always. Thanks, Dad.


I just wanted to let you know how much I continue to enjoy your blog. I've been reading quite a few blogs lately; business related and others. Yours is by far the best. That's not just a boastful father talking, you have a refreshingly upbeat and clear writing style. You are very good at it and you seem to be getting better all the time.

Your talents and enthusiasm have obviously rubbed off on your mother. What started as a listing of a few special recipes has taken on a whole new life. She seems to be having a great time with it and I've been enjoying watching her excitement. From your blog, it sounds like things are going great on your end. You seem to be getting the most out of life. Keep it up, as I know you will.

Your proud father

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[a][passionate][thinker] said...

Hi Kristin,

I'm a newbie in blogworld, I actually just started my own a week ago. I think that it's really nice and sweet for your father to always let you know that you've made him proud. My father, on the other hand, has not been very good at opening up and talking about his feelings out loud. I am sure that to an extent, all parents are always proud of their kids, but it's always nice for us to hear that once in a while - no?

Love your blog, keep it up :)