Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Nauti Gear by Ella Vickers

Zip Tote Large White Dacron, $129

Green Grocery White Dacron, $79

When I was boutique shopping in Princeton (Wisconsin) over the weekend, I found some fabulous bags made from recycled sail cloths. After a little research, I found the collection online--It's called Nauti Gear by Ella Vickers and they literally have hundreds of designs. The two above are my favorites. Both a little pricey, so I probably won't be running out to buy one of these anytime soon. Contrary to what you might think, I don't buy everything I post on my blog! But I can always admire from afar and continually update my wish list.

Nauti Gear by Ella Vickers is Handcrafted in the USA using recycled sailcloth from yachts around the world. Inspired by her days of sailing as first mate on a classic Americas Cup winner, Ella made herself a set of bags from a discarded sail. When regatta guests bought them right off her arm, a company was born. The durable and sophisticated designs reflect the nautical lifestyle with crisp white Dacron Sailcloth and hi-performance Kevlar Sailcloth. This gorgeous, eco-friendly collection ranges from the small cocktail cache’ to the functional tote messenger and the ocean durable duffel. Experience the spirit of the sail reborn into fresh shapes for a new adventure!

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k said...

maybe we can make bags and purses out of old swimsuits. (unfortunately- i think my mom has thrown all of my old ones away)

not as crisp looking as the sails, id imagine...