Tuesday, November 20, 2007

K&K Chili Cookoff

I love a great theme party. Next Tuesday everning (11/27), Karen and I are hosting our first annual K&K Chili Cookoff at our house for 15-20 colleagues from Admissions and other offices across campus. Below is the invite that Karen sent out a few weeks ago. Over the weekend, in full party prep mode, we went to a party store to start shopping for decorations. Above is a picture of Karen, who appears very excited upon finding chili necklaces. We, of course, had to have these. Along with a blow up chili pepper. And a fiesta mix CD. We are still searching for the perfect strand of chili lights, but remain hopeful that we will find them over the holiday weekend. I have also spent the last few weeks searching for the perfect chili recipe. I have finally decided on a Texas chili recipe--because I like my chili meaty and sans beans. Until then, I'll be perfecting my big bowl 'o red.

Hi All.

Please consider joining Kristin and me for the inaugural K&K's Chili Cookoff on Tuesday, Nov. 27, 6pm, our house.

Here's the program:

Attendees are encouraged to enter the Chili Cookoff by rustling up their favorite chili recipe and pitting it against Kristin's chili con carne (that means no beans) and Karen's secret family recipe. However, in that I myself hate cooking and tend to avoid events that require me to contribute food, you do not need to enter the cookoff in order to attend!

Non-chili cookoff participants may enter the co-rec cornbread division and/or serve as celebrity judges.

Prizes will be awarded for the best-tasting chili, the best cook's costume, and the best-named chili (e.g., Ruzicka's Mouth-of-Hell Chili, Margo's Mountain Heat Chili, Stilp's Spitfire Chili, or Bobbie Jean's Bitchin' Chili).

Please note: Chili Appreciation Society International (CASI) rules will not be observed at the K&K Chili Cookoff. It'll be a big free-for-all.

Please let me know if you're game, and if so, if you are: 1) a Chili Cookoff entrant, 2) a co-rec cornbread division entrant, 3) a celebrity judge, or 4) just in it for the fun, beer, and a free bowl of chili.

As always, thanks for humoring me and my random get-togethers.


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