Friday, November 2, 2007

Damn Coat Snatcher!

Alas, I left what was quite possibly the hottest coat I have ever owned at the New Orleans airport last weekend. In an excited rush to board a "completely full, you'll never get on" standby flight, I left my coat alone, like an abandoned child, in the dismal terminal. After repeated calls to the New Orleans airport this week, it appears as though a reunion with my beautiful frock isn't in the cards. When I described the incident to my Banana Republic co-workers on Monday, they laughed when I explained that I was hopeful that some good soul would turn it into the lost and found. They pessimistically explained that the fashionable coat is like crack, and surely gone. Still, however naively, I held out hope. Now, I don't even want to think about the bastard sporting my cropped sensation and the money spent, straight down the drain.

But, you can only harbor resentment for so long before you just have to move on with life. And that I did. While it's not my little black number (so not replaceable), I did recently purchase a new winter coat, pictured above. I believe that everyone needs a new winter coat. Coats are like shoes to me, you can never have enough. So this coat, this beautiful toggle number, is my incredible discout and occasional 13-hour days (between two jobs) at work. Worth every penny. What black cropped coat?

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