Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Lazy Jane's Cafe

Lazy Jane's Cafe on Willy Street (1358 Williamson St.) is my all-time favorite place for breakfast. I went there this past Saturday morning to enjoy a home style breakfast in a relaxed, classic Willy-Street environment complete with random artwork, eclectic antiques, mix matched furniture and serving ware, and an assortment of people from the east side of town and beyond. Besides the atmosphere, my favorite part of Lazy Jane's is their incredible scones. I love scones, and would fashion myself a true connoisseur. These are the best damn scones you'll ever taste in your life. And, they're as big as your head. My favorite is the raspberry scone, but this time I enjoyed a seasonal classic--a pumpkin scone with walnuts and white chocolate.

After quickly devouring the scone (which, I remind you, was as big as my head), I then moved on to my breakfast entree, the frittata with red peppers, broccoli, mushrooms, and asiago cheese. Mmm....good. My mom ordered this one the last time I went to Lazy Jane's, the morning after Ironman Wisconsin, and it was tasty. So this time I wanted my own frittata. The whole thing. I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed my two-course breakfast, which I think was much deserved after a 9-mile run earlier that morning. Lazy Jane's is one of those places, like the Weary Traveler (which is where I had dinner last night with my friends Emily and Jill :), that I could eat at every single day and never grow tired of. Lazy Jane's for breakfast and Weary for Dinner. Now that's a life I could get used to.


bah humbug said...

love the scrabble sign.

the christmas tree though?? really??
it hasn't even snowed here yet.... i really cant start my celebration until there is snow!!

(remember how much it used to snow in rockford? our hair would be little icicles after practice:) ha!


TimandJack said...

Love Lazy Jane's. But I think what I loved most was drinking the great coffee and eating the great food and enjoying the quiet time upstairs with my daughter..... Priceless.