Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Feist Concert

On Friday night, after a dismal meal at the Mad City Crab House, Karen and I went to see the sold-out Feist concert at the Orpheum Theater on State Street. Although I probably say this after many shows, it was one of the best I've ever seen. Seriously. And considering how pissed I was after waiting an hour-and-a-half for her to come on stage (after an unbelievably long and annoying opening set, followed by a very looong wait), she really wowed me to the point of completely forgetting how pissed I was when she started.

Apparently she (Leslie Feist) had broken her ankle in Omaha the night before, so she sat on a stool for most of the show, and hobbled around with a cane when she needed to walk. Which was just fine, because most of her music is pretty chill and mellow, and doesn't require much movement. And really, unlike many musicians who would have simply cancelled the show following that sort of injury, she came to Madison and hobbled around with a smile. And she was hilarious. Her wit and timing were just so completely on. By the end of the show, the entire audience had fallen in love with her.

I also hadn't realized what an accomplished musician Leslie is (look at me, talking as if we're on a first name basis or something). During the show, she obviously sang, but also played the guitar, piano, and drums. She's got it all covered. And her voice. My god, there is nobody on this planet who has the range that she does. Her voice is just phenomenal. And it sounded even better in person than it does on her CD's, which is no easy feat. And can I also just say that I sat 15th row, center. And that's general admission. That is why I love small venues. So much more intimate.

Great show. Love Feist. Even more now than I did before the show. Despite the wait. What wait?

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kels! said...

oh! sooo jealous.

i love her too

i can also sympathize with the wait. that must be the hip thing to do because EVERYONE does it. Honestly, i think it gets to me because i am not usually up and waiting to hear music at 12pm anymore:)