Monday, November 5, 2007

Bring on the Deep Freeeze

Karen and I also took a little roadtrip to Devil's Lake this past weekend, for what was probably one of the last great fall weekends of the year. Tear. The peak of the colors has passed, but as you'll see in the pictures above, there were still some brilliant shades intermixed. We hiked in the bluffs and around the entire lake. It was chilly, but the hiking and sun kept us warm.

Before our big hike, we stopped at Ski-Hi apple orchard, located right outside the park, to load up on apple cider and apple pie. I also purchased some cider donuts as a parting gift. I love that place. It's a great pre-park stop that my good friend Abby introduced me to last year.

Why must fall come to an end so quickly and suddenly! (Introduction to Kristin's internal debate) The pessimistic side of me wonders what I could possibly have to look forward to over the next five months. Because certainly a deep freeze will hold its clutches on our land and drive the masses into a great hibernation for an undetermined amount of time. But the optimistic side of me argues that we are so lucky to have four distinct seasons and there are truly so many wonderful things to look forward to come winter. There's skiing, sledding, ice skating, snow shoeing, board games, warm sweaters, chili, hot chocolate, Saint Nick's Day, Christmas music, knitting, reading, and vacations. So I suppose, with a great sigh, life will go on. And I am ready. Bring on the deep freeze.

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