Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Nanny Diaries

On Tuesday night, my friends Kim, Karen, and I all enjoyed Taco Tuesday, followed by Nanny Diaries at the discount theater, which we affectionately refer to as the "cheaps." Evening shows are amazingly only $3, although they only show movies that are on their way out and on to DVD. For that price, I have no problem waiting a few months to check out a new movie, especially one like Nanny Diaries.

I read the book Nanny Diaries, co-written by NYU grads and occasional nannies Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus, approximately two years ago. The book was great summer reading, very similar to Devil Wears Prada. I found both books mildly entertaining, but remember being annoyed by the authors who seem to scoff at the lives of Manhattan socialites, but at the same time so obviously crave a similar lifestyle for themselves.

The movie, however, was in fact worse than the book. Scarlett Johansson was so wrong for the part of Annie. When I read the book, I pictured a character so completely different than the one Johansson portrayed. I envisioned a serious, studious, dark-haired, native New Yorker. Laura Linney, however, was much more believeable as Mrs. X. But, Alicia Keyes? Please, what was that? And Harvard Hottie was such a jerk in the movie. Definitely don't remember that in the book. Overall, I felt less drawn into the plot and my emotions were never piqued. But I must admit that I was somewhat entertained. I always enjoy a decent movie, a dark theater, and time to sit back and completely zone out. The Nanny Diaries gave me plenty of time to do just that.

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