Thursday, November 8, 2007

Into the Wild: A Must See

This past weekend, I saw the film Into the Wild, which is based on a true story and best selling book by Jon Krakauer. It’s the story of Christopher McCandless, who, after graduating at the top of his class from Emory University, searches for greater meaning in life and a pure and organic existence. After abandoning his possessions, identity, and entire life savings, he heads West with the ultimate goal of making it to Alaska to live in the wilderness. Along the way, he encounters a series of people who shape his new identity and family.

Although I haven't read the book yet, the film was phenomenal. It was moving, inspirational, natural, organic, and beautiful. The story evoked emotions on so many levels. All the characters were so real. It would have been so easy for Chris to continue in his middle-class existence, but instead, he is driven by a powerful force to live a life that is real and meaningful to him. If only everyone could live with such passion, love, and purity. You must see this movie. You won’t be sorry. Not to mention the sountrack. Eddie Vetter, love it. Where has he been all these years?

The film very much reminded me of my dad and brother, actually. Both seem similar to Christopher McCandless, in that they yearn for true adventure, nature, simplicity of life, truth, and a departure from society’s dictates.

I’ve definitely added this book to my reading list. Actually, most of Krakauer’s books are on my list. I most want to read “Under the Banner of Heaven: A Story of Violent Faith,” (about Mormon fundamentalism) which my entire family has long since read. I'm obviously falling behind!

And in closing, below are my favorite quotes from the movie. Made me laugh out loud. Both are from Rainey, the hippie:

“Well, my friend, all is not well on the hippie front.”
“You’re an industrious little fucker, aren’t ya…”


Jackie said...

Yes this is a great movie to see. The movie reviewers give it an A- which is almost perfect. Someone should have told me to bring some kleenex.

kd said...

it was a good movie.. (my) chris' parents are good friends of the mccandless's.... it was interesting to hear their take on the portrayal of the parents...and the toil they went thru to NOT get the movie made... but finally just let sean penn do it because he pleadged to do chris right...

anyhoo... loved the book and movie too! I shed a few tears as well jackie!

k again said...

ah yes! and eddie! what a great song! singing it as i was driving home yesterday:)

Danny from Milwaukee said...

I read Under the Banner of Heaven and thought it was awesome. I haven't read Into the Wild but i read the magazine peice in Outdoor Mag that Krakauer wrote before it. I have mixed feelings about it. One of my friends that lives in Alaska HATES Chris McCandless. She says that a lot of Alaskans do. A lot of them see him as just some selfish idiot that wandered into the woods unprepared and died 20 miles off the state highway when he could have walked out if he'd had a good map. She called it suicide. And I guess now a lot of people in the "cult of McCandless" are doing the same thing. But I'll probably give the movie a shot one of these days.