Friday, January 25, 2008

Boot Drinkin' at the Essen Haus

Last Saturday night, I went out to celebrate my friend Lauren’s birthday. Lauren, and her husband Brodie, are great friends of mine from college (I was the maid of honor in their wedding last year), and also currently reside in Madison. Lauren and Brodie had people over at their house for drinks and appetizers (my spinach artichoke dip was a hit!), and then we headed to the Essen Haus for some boot drinkin'.

The Essen Haus is a Madison landmark and UW alumni gathering spot complete with authentic German food and biers, live oompah music, and polka dancing. The big thing to do when you're at the Essen Haus is to play the "boot game," in which everyone passes around a boot and takes a drink. There are some rules, however, which always make for a rowdy time. You can never let the boot touch the table, you must flick the glass when you are done taking a sip, and if the person after you finishes the boot, well then you need to buy the next boot of beer. Which is going to cost you, upwards of $30-50. So if you're getting down towards the end, you better finish that beer in the boot! Luckily, I was able to get away with little sips, and didn't ever get stuck with the bill!


Anonymous said...

Note to self - Don't drink boots with Kristin.

kelsey said...

when we were in germany last year, we searched and SEARCHED for a boot of beer. Aside from the not sprecking deuchland correctly...they looked at us like we were crazy;)
It was a small town however... maybe they werent hip to the OBVIOUS german traditions. ;)