Thursday, January 10, 2008

It's Official...

Well, it's official. I feel like a giddy high school student who has just received her college admission decision (in the big envelope with "Yes!" printed on the flap). I'm in for this year's Boston Marathon. I received my acceptance card in the mail yesterday afternoon. Until then, there was still a tiny question mark. When I registered for the race online, I had to input my race qualification information, and then an auto not-so confirmation spit out and told me that I was not yet registered for the Boston marathon. Essentially there's another step to the process in which a formal committee verifies your race qualifications.

In terms of other race news, Karen and I are now contemplating another spring marathon after Boston. We're considering running Grandma's Marathon in Duluth again with a few other friends. I mean, why not? I'm totally game for another year of hellish temperatures, Catholic Benedictine dorm life, and a mentally painful race course. Bring on the torture. As long as I get to make a stop at Betty's Pies. This year, preferably after the marathon. Last year's slice of toffee cream pie the day before the race came back to haunt me for 13 unbearable miles.

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bill said...

The boston marathon is so passe.