Friday, January 18, 2008

Frozen Solid (with no sign of hope)

As I've mentioned before, I co-manage the university's campus visit program, and work very closely with our forty student campus tour guides. We recently hired eleven new guides, to replace those who have graduated, and this week they endured a very rigorous training week of listening to overwhelming amounts of campus information, and traipsing all over campus practicing their presentation skills and content mastery during "mock tours". They're a great group of new guides, with loads of energy and talent. And most of them are freshmen! I've thoroughly enjoyed getting to know all of them better. They do make me feel very old, though. Since I was once a tour guide myself, I feel all hip and close to the experience, but then they remind me that I've almost been out of college for a decade. Which is unreal.

Anyhow, I observed many of their "mock tours" over the past two days, and I must say that I am still de-frosting. Today, I spent over four hours walking the tour route observing, and my hands are still blue (despite hand warmers strategically placed in my mittens, which Karen generously picked up for me at Walgreens this morning). I do not believe I will ever be warm again. Tomorrow is predicted to be much worse, however. And of course, I'm scheduled to do a 13-mile run around the lake with two of my friends. Tomorrow's forcast calls for a high (a HIGH) of minus one degree. By the end of the weekend, I will surely be a block of ice.

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k at work said...

you have today off don't you! luckkky!