Monday, January 14, 2008

LOLE: Live Out Loud Everyday

I recently discovered a new women's active wear brand that I really like. It's called LOLE, which stands for Live Out Loud Everyday. There's a great, high-end women's active wear store in Madison (on Monroe Street) called Stone's Throw, which carries a lof ot LOLE items (and by the way, is having a massive sale until Jan. 19). LOLE's winter pieces rock, but I also love many pieces from their spring line as well.

Who knew, but according to LOLE's Web site, you are what you wear. Their clothing is described as "Bold and beautiful. Strong yet sensitive. Feminine yet functinoal." And so desperately, I want to be all of those things. Furthermore, the site describes that, "LOLE is passitionate about creating the ultimate in fabulously feminine active wear for today's fashion-minded, forward-thinking woman." Can I just say that I love that sentence? Fabulously feminine active wear. Beautiful.

Isn't that enough to make you want to shop? And yet, I reluctantly decline. Now that I'm done with my tenure at Banana Republic, my bank account is very grateful. But when I do feel like shopping again, which I'm sure will be all too soon, I think it's time to move beyond professional clothes and focus on active wear. And LOLE can help me be sporty spice.

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