Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Mind-Blowing Observation in the World of Periodicals

I found myself curled up last night with a copy of Men’s Journal and a bowl of mac and cheese. How exactly did I come to be reading Men’s Journal? The truth is, I received an unsolicited, complimentary trial subscription in the mail. Just yesterday, the latest February issue arrived, which is the second I’ve received thus far.

Admittedly, I also perused the January issue, although I was much more intrigued by this month’s issue, the cover of which is adorned by the face of legendary professional skater and snowboarder “flying tomato” Shaun White. I brushed paths with Shaun at the post office one day a few years ago when I was living in Aspen, Colorado. Minutes later, I observed his mother yelling at a post office employee. Perhaps his prize snowboard didn’t arrive in time for the X-games? Who knows.

So back to Men’s Journal. I can’t say that I’ve ever taken the time to sit down with a periodical that is primarily intended for the opposite sex (or so I thought). However, I like to read most anything, and thought it would be a learning experience. I was shocked to find that more than 30% of the letters to the editor were from females. Seriously? I wasn’t the only woman reading Men’s Journal?

At first I found this revelation shocking, but upon closer inspection, I realized what I should have really known all along, that men’s and women’s magazine are not all that different. I know it's mind-blowing, but both cover the same topics, just written a little differently. Not so unlike Vogue or Glamour, Men’s Journal contains articles about fashion, fitness, food, world news, celebrities, travel, arts and culture, etc. But instead of Kate Hudson, it’s Shaun White. And instead recipes for romantic meal with your Valentine's sweetie, it’s recipes for meatloaf and reviews of “meat’s best friend,” otherwise known as ketchup. I know, it's utterly mind-blowing, folks.

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