Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Birds Eye View

Here's a pic of my garden that I snapped from our rooftop porch. Despite recent torrential downpours, everything is coming along quite nicely. I did have to replant the basil and cilantro over the weekend since the seeds never sprouted, and will likely need to replant the lettuce as well, but everything else is growing well. I feel like a very proud parent.

I continue to have daily battles with my pesky chipmunk friends. I've tried everything--filling their holes, scattering dog hair around the perimeter of my garden, and sprinkling cayenne pepper at the base of each plant. Nothing seems to deter them. And I can't yet come to terms with methods that might involve a loss of life. But I'm getting close. Any more tips before I move onto less humane tactics?

The bugs are becoming a whole new problem, as they seem to be eating little holes through some of the leaves, particularly the beans, peppers, and pumpkin. My friend Brodie recommended that I purchase a pesticide called Sevin, which although I struggle with the idea, seems to be a necessity if I actually want vegetables.

And so, I've learned, the life of a gardener is not all that easy...

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