Tuesday, June 10, 2008

You Can Be a "Moo-Expert," Too!

What percentage of Wisconsin farms are family owned?
More than 99% of Wisconsin’s farms are family owned.

The dairy industry annually contributes how many dollars to Wisconsin’s economy?
Dairy contributes $20.9 billion dollars to Wisconsin’s economy.

Is Wisconsin still America’s Dairyland?
You bet’ch ya! Wisconsin is the leader in cheese production, producing 2.2 billion lbs. per year which is 30% more than California in second place.

How many stomachs does a cow have?
Cows only have one stomach with four compartments allowing them to digest grass and other forages and turn them into delicous and nutritious milk!

How many servings of dairy should you have each day to help keep your bones strong and healthy?
3-A-Day! Calcium-rich milk, cheese or yogurt.

*Triva provided by Dane County's Dairy Promotion Committee

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