Monday, June 16, 2008

Garage Sale Finds

I love a great garage sale. There’s something about uncovering fantastic bargains and unique treasures and buying things you don’t really need. I unexpectantly came upon a great garage sale on Friday evening just around the corner from my house. I drove up, and it was as if I had hit heaven. I jumped out of the car and my mind was racing. What fabulous items! What amazing prices! After taking a quick lap and deciding that I definitely needed to purchase several items, but was alas, without cash, I asked the older gentleman sitting on the stoop how much longer they would be open. He replied at least an hour, and I when I explained to him that I needed to hit up an ATM, he told me he’d be more than willing to set aside a few items for me.

When it was all said and done, I had purchased the beautiful candle stick holder with crystals (my favorite, which the woman told me she had purchased at a garage sale for $75 and I scored for $30), a couple tea cups and saucers (for a craft project I’m working on), an interesting metal box, a large pot, a set of eight mini flowered trays, and a thimble from Germany for my mom. All for $58!

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Jackie said...

I love estate/rummage sales. Glad that you share my passion. Looks like you hit upon a jewel last weekend. I like your candlestick holder! Can't wait to see the thimble....maybe you would like to see a couple of the albums I've already gotten for you....