Monday, June 2, 2008

Construction of a Square Foot Garden

The Spot (before)


Mom carrying supplies

Kristin and Dad digging

Dad adding soil nutrients to the bed

Dad building the trellace, mom stringing the bed

Kristin planting

Mom stringing the trellace

Dad building the fences

My new square foot garden!

So beautiful!

My parents and I had a great time together on Saturday. Much of our time was spent building a square foot garden in my backyard, which was an arduous and time consuming process. We had a great time, however, and the now that the hard part is over, I can reap the rewards (fresh vegetables) all summer long.

Before setting to work, we spent a bit of time enjoying the downtown farmer’s market, where my dad was drawn to all sweets like a kid in a candy store. The definition of a sweet tooth, my dad picked up cinnamon rolls, donuts, and an apple crisp pie along the way (see, it’s in my genes!). We also purchased several veggies and cheeses, including a 10-year aged Cheddar from Hook’s, which I am excited to pair with wine.

Back at the house, we set up camp on the backyard patio. My mom and I immediately set to work digging, while my dad built the cedar frame in the garage. Although my parents weren’t immediately impressed with my “perfect spot,” they quickly came around when they discovered the great soil quality and continual sun. Once we secured the frame and churned the soil, adding many recommended nutrients, my dad began to put together the metal trellace, while my mom and I started stringing the garden into 1 ft. plots. After that, we were ready to plant. Following a crash course from my mom, I was planting like a pro. My dad then put small fences around some of the plants, like the beans and lettuce, which are more prone to greedy varmints like birds, rabbits, and deer. After a long hard day in the sun, we proudly admired our work, before heading out for a night of drinks, dinner, and ice cream!

Since then, I have been at war with what I believe is a chipmunk digging small holes around the perimeter of my garden (perhaps I have disturbed his home). Yesterday was an all out war, as I continually filled his little holes with dirt and bricks, only to come outside and discover new holes nearby. As of last night, I seem to have won this little showdown, as there are no new holes. Clearly, my little friend has realized who is boss.

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Soupe said...

I have been told by several reliable sources that if you put dog fur around your garden it will keep those other animals away. Just let me know, and Dudley said he would be happy to donate.

Also, I think I will come visit in August. Just in time for all the good veggies.