Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Kristin Earns "Moo-Expert" Title

This week's farmer's market finds
Can't beat a deal like this one!

Grilled cheese heaven.

Yep, that's me. Moo expert.

On par with my normal routine, I woke up this past Saturday bright and early to head to the farmer’s market on the capitol square. My first stop is always for coffee at the Steep & Brew tent, and next is for an orange chocolate chip scone from one of my favorite vendors. From there, it’s on to the real shopping. This week I picked up lots of green—green tomatoes, asparagus, onions, mixed greens. And some not-so-green fresh linguine.

Although the farmer’s market always provides all the entertainment I need for a Saturday morning, last week’s market was even more entertaining than usual due to a special event taking place just off the square, on MLK Blvd. and Main St. Cows on the Concourse, sponsored by the Dane County Dairy Promotion Committee, featured petting areas, real “Moo” experts, live entertainment, and my personal favorite, $1 grilled cheese sandwiches.

You bet I enjoyed my $1 grilled cheese (a breakfast which shortly thereafter fueled me through a 50-mile bike ride). How could I refuse a deal like that like that? I also earned myself a free “Moo Expert” t-shirt by answering a question completely incorrectly. I was asked, “What percentage of Wisconsin farms are family owned.” To which I replied, “umm…40%?” Apparently that was very wrong. The girl behind the table curtly replied (add snooty tone here), “Actually, it’s 99%. But you still get a t-shirt.” So obviously, I’m no moo-expert, but apparently the real experts felt confident enough in my new found knowledge to allow me to sport their t-shirt in public. Or maybe I'm like a moo-expert in training. Yes, I like the sound of that. And much less pressure.


kelsey said...

i think i need a grilled cheese for lunch. mmmm. love me some wisconsin! We will be there soon!! Will let you know. most likely it will be a breakfast stop on Monday morning (the 23rd?) early? can you swing that? ;)When do you have to be at work?

kristinleigh said...

Most definitely. I can do whatever works best for you. My calendar is free that morning, and I can take some vacation time if needed.